Lenora mirror bead bracelets

Lenora mirror bead bracelets

£25.00 - £30.00

Sterling silver bracelets featuring mirror ball and round beads which can be worn alone or stacked with others.

Available in three different designs featuring either 3mm, 4mm or 5mm mirror beads. These beautiful, faceted beads reflect light and sparkle beautifully.

Bracelet size is approximately 18cm. Other bracelet sizes can be made to order.

Stretch bracelets can be gently rolled on and off - no fiddly clasps.

Presented in a white recycled and recyclable gift box with a white, non-tarnish insert.

Lenora mirror bead bracelets  Image 2 Lenora mirror bead bracelets  Image 3 Lenora mirror bead bracelets  Image 4 Lenora mirror bead bracelets  Image 5
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